Black Panther

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USA removes Wakanda as trade partner after initially listing it as one

The USA's Department of Agriculture listed Wakanda as a trade partner only to remove it a day later after many people on Twitter highlighted the error.

Black Panther 2 confirmed

Marvel Studios has confirmed that Black Panther 2 movie is coming. This was announced by Kevin Feige, the company's president at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Trevor Noah's role in the Black Panther movie

It looks like most people missed that Trevor Noah had a role in the record breaking Afrofuturism Black Panther movie. Noah's part in the movie is brief and it is a voice-over role. Noah's name also appears in the movies credits as first reported by, as the voice

A look at the science of Avengers - Infinity War

Ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) comes to a head with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the 19th Marvel Studios film to date. The biggest Marvel movie ever brings with it the largest cast of superheroes (and villains) ever and the biggest stakes ever to be fought

Black Panther has officially passed Titanic in US cinema ticket sales

The Black Panther movie has officially jumped over the Titanic movie as far as USA cinema ticket sales go. This is another significant milestone when considering that Titanic is one of the highest grossing movie of all time in the USA. Just recently in March 2018, barely four weeks after

Stop assuming audiences can't handle female-led sci-fi films

There was a time when the only scientists you would see in feature films were men, and white men at that. But women scientists are finally getting the storylines they deserve. Yes we’ve had female scientists in past movies but their opportunities were limited, so it’s exciting to

Black Panther crosses $1 billion in world wide cinema ticket sales

In just under 4 weeks of being released, the Black Panther movie has crossed $1 billion at world wide box office. The movie achieved this milestone on its second day of opening in Chinese cinemas. Only four other movies by Marvel Studios have ever passed the $1 billion box office