Big Data

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Nigeria’s census is always tricky

There is a need to strengthen the scientific structure of Nigeria's National Population Commission. It needs a technical committee of Nigerian experts from universities and research centers at home and in the diaspora.

Dolapo Amusat on data and the future of job creation in Nigeria

Dolapo Amusat talks to us about data analytics and job creation in Nigeria. He says more jobs, even jobs that are not necessarily traditional data analytics role, jobs like finance, marketing, HR now require data analytics skills.

Correlation between farmers with phones and better crop yields

Researchers examined the effect of mobile phone and internet access on farming. They found that less than 40% of farming households in Africa have internet access.

In God we trust, everyone else must bring data

Understanding how data works can help one make one good use of the opportunities presented by the same. It will also help one stay safe by sharing their data responsibly.

Nomadic herders in Burkina Faso are using satellite data

More than 65,000 farmers and herdsmen in Burkina Faso are using satellite data to plan their movements. This helps them avoid drought and conflict zones.

Satellite data needs to be open to everyone

Demand for resources to build satellites could put vulnerable communities, indigenous land rights at risk. Future challenges remain, such as need for infrastructure, uneven distribution between countries.

Using data to combat COVID-19

An initiative that aims to have data on vulnerable populations and help track economic impacts of COVID-19. It will train and build capacity for data analytics and visualisation and to increase collaborative access to relevant data across the continent.