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Argentina, Brazil, Uganda and Vanuatu crowned ICC Global Development Award winners

The 2020 ICC Development Awards have showcased some incredible projects delivered by the Members during an extremely challenging year, with 20 regional winners already celebrated earlier this month.

Useful strategies to make excellent profits from sports betting

Numerous professional bettors are making huge profits from sports betting, and so can everyone. But how does one become a successful wager? Many betting strategies are based on simple tactics that everyone can apply with ease. The football season is currently on in Uganda and other countries, and Express will

Top 10 sports events of 2019 in Africa

Africans play a wide variety of sports including athletics, basketball, cricket, badminton, football, hockey, volleyball and rugby. The following are the top ten African sports events that took place in 2019.

Nigeria's SureBet247 has suffered a potential security breach

Nigeria's SureBet247 has suffered a potential security and data breach which has put thousands of their customers and their systems at risk. The company has refused to alert customers of the breach discovered on 25 December 2019.

Growth and impact of mobile technology in Africa

The growth of Africa mobile technology can be attributed to a stable Internet connection. For instance, a country like Kenya is connected internally and externally by four optic cables.

Breaking the gaming console duopoly

Can this planned new gaming console break the duopoly of Sony and Microsoft?