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The thin line between market dominance through innovation and monopoly

Apple’s conduct [vs Epic Games] locks consumers in, preventing them from moving to other systems due to high switching costs. This restricts choice and monopolizes the market.

Naspers concludes acquisition of AutoTrader and merges it with OLX

South Africa's online automobile marketplace, AutoTrader, has officially merged with OLX Group. Both digital companies are owned by South African technology and media investment company, Naspers. Earlier in September 2017, Naspers tabled its offer to acquire AutoTrader. "We bring the expertise from the niche verticals of car, truck, commercial,

Naspers Wants To Acquire AutoTrader

Naspers wants to acquire car classifieds company, AutoTrader. This is based on an application filed by Naspers with South Africa's Competition Comission. AutoTrader turned 25 this year, and recently ended the publication of its print magazine. AutoTrader used to have a print magazine which it eventually stopped publishing earlier in