Augmented Reality

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Google announces Google Maps Platform

Google has announced a streamlined version of their Google Maps offering targeted mainly at ride-hailing, gaming, and delivery companies. Known as Google Maps Platform, the service now offers three main areas (Maps, Routes and Places) as opposed to previously having 18 individual APIs. What is also interesting is that developers

The changing face of home entertainment

Technology is changing the face of home entertainment in Afrika, with streaming becoming the primary revenue driver for both music and video. Budget films created on the continent are also using this medium to more exposure for their art. Even the gaming industry offers online variants to traditional options in

How To Use Technology To Effectively Manage Your Workforce And Inventory

The field service industry has always been one of the earliest adopters of new technologies, from the original PDAs to IoT-enabled devices. Now, a new generation of technology is uniquely positioned to transform the field service industry, promising to reduce costs and dramatically improve the quality of service organizations can