Artificial Intelligence

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AI is on the path to understanding human emotions

According to some researchers, robots may match humans in recognising different types of emotions in the next few decades.

Journalists at MSN are being replaced by Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft has announced that from July 2020 onwards, stories that will be on the MSN website homepage, as well as the Edge browser landing page, will be news stories generated by Artificial Intelligence. As a result, the company has gotten rid of the journalists it previously hired for this.

Algorithms are only as good as the people who make them

Artificial Intelligence is not foolproof. Algorithmic decision-making is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.

With AI, Africaโ€™s health systems can take on COVID-19

Africaโ€™s health systems should use Artificial Intelligence technology in their fight against COVID-19. Here are some ways that Artificial Intelligence (AI) might play in bolstering the continentโ€™s health systems.

Support Africa's COVID-19 technology solutions

An opportunity to support the African innovators working to build COVID-19 solutions. African solutions are mostly designed with affordability, access and efficiency in mind to enable Africans and the rest of the world by extension benefit.

Emerging technologies punted as solutions for Africa's problems

New report identifies gaps in Africaโ€™s use of digital platforms for solving challenges. It calls on governments to invest in digital platforms for sectors such as finance and health.

Financial trading bots display behavior similar to that of people

Once algorithms, used by financial trading bots, go live on markets, they start behaving in ways that programmers could not have foreseen.