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New fiber cable will connect 4 continents via South Africa

This new submarine cable system will span almost 25,000 km.

8 + 1 Android apps to help you make the most of Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here is a selection of Android apps to help you make the most of Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or in a relationship. 1. Netflorist Use this app from South Africa’s largest online floral and gifting service to send

5 trends to watch in 2018

The next wave of digital technologies is on the way, and it promises to change our lives as dramatically as the smartphone did. We’re seeing technologies such as chatbots, augmented reality and video that has transformed the way we use our mobile devices. Here are a few of the

7 Android Apps To Help You Find Your Ideal House In South Africa

Have you ever wondered where and how you even start looking for that dream home? Well wonder no more. From buying your first apartment as a young professional to trading up to a bigger place when you get married and have children is an exciting milestone and a daunting commitment.

7 Nifty Android Keyboard Apps To Try Out

If you’re like most Android users, the keyboard probably isn’t top of mind when you think about apps you can download to improve your efficiency and overall user experience. Yet there is a rich selection of Android apps that you can pick from to improve your mobile productivity.