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Smart investments in technology can help beef up Africa’s agriculture economy

Uganda offers some useful lessons from its use of smart investments in technology and farmer organization. These have made it the only East African country that is self-sufficient in milk.

WhatsApp is changing agri-business in Cameroon

There can be much more to just a messaging application like WhatsApp. In Cameroon, participants in the agriculture sector are using it to boost their agriculture-related activities and grow their income.

Africa needs to move away from its obsession with agricultural technological fixes

Experts advise that the bulk of Africa's agricultural funding should be devoted to agroecology. As opposed to an obsession with technological fixes that are damaging soils and livelihoods.

Data by the UN suggests COVID-19 is driving up hunger

There are strong indications that the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts are driving up hunger in countries that were already experiencing high levels of food insecurity prior to the disease's outbreak.

Nomadic herders in Burkina Faso are using satellite data

More than 65,000 farmers and herdsmen in Burkina Faso are using satellite data to plan their movements. This helps them avoid drought and conflict zones.

How Kenya's young people can venture into agriculture

Small scale farming accounts for 70% of all agriculture in Kenya. The number of young people who have sworn not to touch anything related to agriculture after the first attempt keeps also increasing. From analysis, the problem is mostly business-related, and therein lies the solution.

Satellite images help create land use maps in Tanzania

Researchers used satellite images to create land use maps in rural parts of Tanzania. This approach guides future land use and reduces disputes among land owners.