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Correlation between farmers with phones and better crop yields

Researchers examined the effect of mobile phone and internet access on farming. They found that less than 40% of farming households in Africa have internet access.

Reaping the benefits of open data

Agriculture trails other research areas when it comes to open data. The lack of open data threatens progress in fighting hunger as well as preventing commercial enterprises from developing agricultural solutions.

Why African farmers are younger than you think

Several sources indicate that the average age of Africans in farming has risen to 60 years or more. However, we are unaware of any empirical evidence to support this claim.

Mobile laboratories to bring accredited food testing to rural parts of South Africa

South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is collaborating with Mobile Agricultural Skills and Development Training (MASDT) to introduce mobile laboratories for food testing in rural areas.

Nestlรฉ's Nespresso invests in the Democratic Republic of Congo's coffee revival

To support the revival of DRC's coffee farming communities and in partnership with the Eastern Congo Initiative, Nespresso is investing CHF 1 million to bring affordable healthcare and access to clean water to communities across South Kivu.

Smart investments in technology can help beef up Africaโ€™s agriculture economy

Uganda offers some useful lessons from its use of smart investments in technology and farmer organization. These have made it the only East African country that is self-sufficient in milk.

WhatsApp is changing agri-business in Cameroon

There can be much more to just a messaging application like WhatsApp. In Cameroon, participants in the agriculture sector are using it to boost their agriculture-related activities and grow their income.