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4 Ways To Determine A Software Vendor’s Agility

We’re seeing companies scramble to provide customers with fully integrated solutions instead of products (also somewhat clumsily known as servitisation) and technology service organizations come under pressure to better design, produce, and deliver their service offerings (i.e. productization). "Your service management software must not only be created using

Agile Project Management Artefacts And Metrics

All the agile frameworks and methodologies out there suggests that we do not need documentation or management, as collaboration and self-organisation fixes everything. Although fundamentally there are nothing wrong with these statements it is only really possible if you are working with a very mature team. This includes emotional IQ

This Is How You Ramp-Up Time On A New Project And Team

When you form a new team or start a new project where there are some team changes it is important to allow 2 – 3 weeks for the team to settle depending on the size of the project and team. ![Agileware University](/content/images/2017/05/Agileware-University-Logo.jpg) Sponsored: Enroll at

This Is The Best Way To Learn Agile

One of the best ways to learn the agile methodology is through a blended learning approach. This is an approach where you cover the basics of the theory to gain insights into the subject matter, but you have further practical implementation exercises to embed the knowledge and while doing the