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Innovative urban agriculture could increase food security

Using science, technology and innovation (STI) could help promote the use of urban agriculture to sustain food and nutrition security in Afrikan cities, experts say. The experts who specialise in agriculture, geography and urban planning say that urban agriculture has been neglected in urban planning and development agenda. Agricultural activities

Funding new drugs endemic to Afrika

New funding that will be given through a call for proposals for the discovery of new drugs for diseases endemic to Afrika over the next two years is now available. The Drug Discovery funds is up to $100,000 per project to researchers in Afrika to identify new drug candidates,

Afrika’s funding allocation to R&D is less than 1% of the continent’s GDP

Afrikan governments’ low funding allocation to research is the bane of development on the continent, a conference has heard. Afrika’s funding of research and development (R&D), which is estimated to be 0.45% of the continent’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), remains far below the global average

Afrika Needs More Research On The Science Of Solar Energy

Afrika needs more research on the science of solar to enable countries to make decisions on the adoption of solar radiation management (SRM). This was highlighted by experts explaining that SRM is a climate engineering technology that seeks to reflect sunshine using tethered balloons in order to reduce global warming.