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Zahira Kharsany on digital trends and social media strategies for brands

Digital strategist at Gorilla Creative Media, Zahira Kharsany joins us on this episode of The Lead Creative podcast to discuss some of her observations on how brands and individuals have been using digital platforms.

Colin Makhubela on effective client-agency partnerships that lead to memorable content

Award-winning Executive Creative Director of Pacinamix, Colin Makhubela joins us on this episode of The Lead Creative to draw from some of his own experiences, where he unpacks what led to some of the brand and agency partnerships that he was part of.

How false health-related advertisements mislead South Africans

In South Africa, regulations about labeling don’t allow advertisers to use pictures that are likely to create a false impression of the product. But advertisers still continue to make dubious claims.

Oresti Patricios on the state of the media industry

Oresti Patricios, CEO of Ornico Group, is a guest on this episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show to talk about the state of the media industry and the effects of fake news, programmatic advertising, and more.

Website privacy options are hard to find and use

Many websites offer the ability to 'opt out" of targeted advertisements, but doing so isn't easy. Simplifying and standardizing opt-outs would help improve privacy on the web.

How Kenyans are getting conned by fake Internet ads

With more and more people gaining access to the Internet, more people are also using the Internet to scam others. In Kenya, there is a rise of fake online ads that con people out of their money.

Facebook relaxes cryptocurrencies ads ban

Facebook has relaxed its ban on cryptocurrencies advertising. The social media platform has said that those that want to advertise cryptocurrencies on Facebook will now be allowed to, provided that they are pre-approved. However, Facebook has also indicated that advertising ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and binary options, is still banned.