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South African banks blame 4IR for planned retrenchments

As a result of the major South African banks announcing that thousands of their staff will lose jobs as a result of "4IR", SASBO (banking sector labor union) has announced protests scheduled for 27 September 2019.

How digital disruption affects banks

It’s the age of The Internet of Things, and one of those "things" is banking. The rapid pace of technological evolution has created many super trends like cloud computing and big data analytics that have reshaped the business world, but have also turned an entire generation – Millennials,

Beware of a new Internet banking scam

Consumers are urged to avoid falling victim to a new banking scam whereby fraudsters remotely take control of your computer over the Internet, and gains access to your Internet banking profile. Fraudsters are sending unsuspecting consumers fake emails notifying them that fraud has occurred on their respective bank accounts’ or

South Africa's Absa Has Launched An Investment Robo-Advisor

One of South Africa's largest banks, Absa, has announced the launch of its investment robo-advisor, Virtual Investor. According to the bank the robo-advisor will lower fees for investors. Absa's Virtual Investor uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to recommend investment products for customers based on their financial risk profiles. β€œThe Virtual

You Can Now Swipe Your Card To Pay For Uber Rides In South Africa

Uber South Africa cars fitted with the Thumbzup POS (Point Of Sale device) are now available in South Africa allowing Uber customers to pay for their rides using their credit or debit cards. The partnership between Uber South Africa and Thumbzup was announced towards the end of April 2017. ![Uber