**Edition 138** Monday, 12 December 2016

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We covered a lot of stories this week, and the most popular have had something to do with Donald Trump - one on how a tweet of his caused Boeing to lose a billion dollars in share value in about five minutes, and the other about a Russian hacker using domain hacks to generate fake traffic on Google Analytics, planting messages in support of the businessman's presidential campaign.

We also asked if  Amazon Go can work in Nigeria, considering all the things that could hinder the adoption of this revolutionary way of using tech to do business. The sheer novelty of Amazon Go is bound to leave some arguing that the retail sector is just fine the way it is. No need to innovate and complicate things....

We also looked at Onyx Connect's claims to be the first African company to produce smartphones on the continent, and their ambitions plans following a software licensing agreement with Google.

We considered some of the options that operators in South Africa could put in place in order to make data more affordable, including shared infrastructure. This was part of our coverage of the 12th Annual South African ICT Summit.

Finally, we had a look at the 2017 Africa Finance and Investment Forum, which will bring together players from all parts of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and will focus on unleashing the potential of Africa's entrepreneurs.

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![](https://gallery.mailchimp.com/b5c77b5d9fe8557cd2e26f469/images/d87ef43d-4c2b-47c0-a270-ed2a5401c764.jpg) ###[It's Not Just Twitter - How One Tweet Momentarily Wiped Off Approximately $1 Billion Off A Company's Stock Value](http://www.iafrikan.com/2016/12/08/its-not-just-twitter-how-one-tweet-momentarily-wiped-off-1-billion-off-a-companys-stock-value-2/)

By Tefo Mohapi

tweet by US President-elect Donald Trump sent aircraft manufacturer Boeing's stock price down sharply in after-hours trading.

The Seattle-based company lost approximately $1 billion in stock value, taking a dramatic dip 8 minutes after Trump's tweet, later bouncing back to pre-tweet levels about 20 minutes later.

The tweet, which read “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”, appears to have scared investors, but the panic seems to have quickly abated. as the price returned to normal soon after.


Can Amazon Go’s Checkout-Free Shopping Experience Work in Nigeria?

By Oladunni Adetula

Amazon changed the shopping game on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, after introducing Amazon Go, probably the world’s most advanced technologically controlled store that requires no queues and no checkout, which all seems too good to be true.

You enter an Amazon Go store, take the products you want, and have them automatically charged to your account just by picking them up from the shelf. And here's the kicker: you can just walk out of the store – no queues, no checkout, just pick up and go.

Now while all the big brands in shopping and tech are figuring out a way to jump on the Amazon Go bandwagon, the question is, will this technology work in Nigeria?


To Drive Down The Cost Of Data, South Africa Needs Shared And Open Access Infrastructure To Get More People Online

By Kungela Mzuku

South Africans pay some of the highest rates for data in Africa, even as the country has one of the continent's most competitive telecommunications sectors.

Over the past few months, the #DataMustFall movement has seen consumers demanding for cheaper data, but it seems providers are slowly losing touch with their target market, blaming the high costs

on operational expenses that are then passed down the value chain.

This was one of the observations made in a panel discussion hosted at the 12th Annual South African ICT Summit, hosted in East London. The discussion also focused on alternatives that the ICT sector could take up in order to meet the demands for lower data costs.


The 2017 Africa Finance And Investment Forum Will Focus On Unleashing The Potential Of The Continent's Entrepreneurs

By Eric Mugendi

The 2017 edition of the Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) will take place at the Strathmore University from 13-16 February 2017, bringing together entrepreneurs, bankers, investors, fund managers, foundations, development and international finance institutions from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and America

AFIF is an annual business event

organized in the framework of EMRC international activities, with the aim of strengthening the private sector in Africa, encouraging entrepreneurship and attracting investment to the African continent.


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