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Tuesday, 01 November 2016

Project Isizwe Wins Prestigious Award

Project Isizwe Wi-Fi Award

Credit: Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe’s Tshwane’s Free Wi-Fi project was announced as the winner of the Wi-Fi NOW award for Affordable Connectivity at the awards ceremony in London. TshWi-Fi, as the project is known in South Africa’s capital city, won the global award for bringing free Wi-Fi connectivity to over 2 million Tshwane citizens and it has been declared as the largest deployment of free Wi-Fi in Afrika with over a 1,000 Wi-Fi hotspots spread across the capital city. This arguably has made Tshwane one of the most connected cities on the continent. According to Project Isizwe, the project has facilitated over 2.2 million unique connections and over 133 million sessions since its launch, using a massive 2.6 petabytes of data. An incredible 310,000 connections have been recorded on a single day, showing just how popular TshWi-Fi is with the people of Tshwane.

Uber Drivers Strike In Abuja

Uber Drivers Strike In Abuja

Credit: Jeff Attaway / Flickr

Uber drivers in Abuja, Nigeria have embarked on a strike as they say their efforts to engage Uber Nigeria management in a face to face meeting have failed. Among their grievances is that Uber’s 25% commission is too high as they are unable to allegedly make a profit given high fuel costs in Nigeria and Uber’s relatively low fares over and above the 25% commission Uber makes on each of their trips. Another issue raised by the drivers is that of rider identification as there have been alleged attempts by some fake “riders” to steal Uber drivers’ cars and reportedly with some being robbed of their cars by robbers pretending to be riders at gunpoint. So far, Uber Nigeria management is apparently yet to get back to the drivers on their grievances.

Madagascar's Drone Delivery Service

Madagascar's Drone Delivery Service

Credit: Vayu USA

Madagascar’s government and American medical drone manufacturer, Vayu, are working together to develop tools for use in rural Madagascar, using UAVs to help deliver cutting-edge medical technology to the country's most isolated communities. This is because in Madagascar, 70 percent of people live in remote rural areas, and some of these areas are only accessible on foot. The idea is that by using drones, Vayu will fly out supplies to villages, and use the same drones to collect diagnostic specimens and deliver care. The project is backed by the Madagascar government and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). A trial with a fully autonomous drone saw the delivery of blood samples from rural Madagascar to a central lab.

Facebook Recommendations For Your Offline Needs

Facebook Recommendations For Your Offline Needs

Credit: Facebook

It seems like Facebook is “coming for everything” as it aims to be your one stop platform for almost everything on the Internet. With 1,7 billion users active on the platform and 450 million reported to be trading on Facebook Marketplace, Zuckerberg’s platform has launched Facebook Recommendations, a feature that will allow Facebook users to purchase movie tickets, post something for sale and order food without having to leave their personal Facebook feeds. Ordering food is as easy as going to the restaurants Facebook Page and placing/paying for your order there, ensuring that you don’t need to leave Facebook or log into another service. The feature will initially be rolled out in the USA first.

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