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Friday, 13 January 2017 πŸ‘»

Kenya's Government Hopes Not To Shut Down The Internet During Elections, But It Will Monitor Social Media

Kenya's Government Will Not Shut Down The Internet During Elections, But It Will Monitor Social Media

Credit: Communications Authority of Kenya

During a press conference held by the Communications Authority of Kenya, the chairperson, Mr Ben Gituku, said that he hopes the situation in the country during the upcoming 2017 elections will β€œhopefully” not lead the government and the Communications Authority of Kenya to shut down the Internet. β€œ"We hope we will not get there unless it gets out of hand. We do not see Internet shutdown happening," Gituku said. CAK director-general Francis Wangusi added that the Authority is already monitoring social media in the run-up to the elections. β€œ"We are coordinating with international organisations to get those infiltrating from outside. We have pulled down a number of posts from social media platforms by Kenyans in the diaspora," Wangusi said. Despite statements to the contrary, this could mean that the Internet may be shut down at the discretion of the government.
Start installing VPN software, people

Kenya's Presidential Digitalent Programme Places Interns On Jobs

Kenya's Presidential Digitalent Programme Places Interns On Jobs

Credit: Kenya's Presidential Digitalent Programme

Kenya’s Presidential DigiTalent Programme launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta during February of 2015 have announced that they have sent out graduates from the programme to start working in various organizations. to join the job market. The DigiTalent Programme was started in order to help young ICT graduates be skilled and ready for employment. Furthermore, it aimed to also improve the standard of ICT in government. The ICT graduates from the DigiTalent were sent to work various government ministries. While there, they worked on different projects for a period of 10 months after which they were transferred to various private companies where they worked for 2 months.

Lagos State Governor Promises Steady Electricity Supply For Nigerian Tech Startups

Lagos State Governor Has Promised Nigerian Startups Steady Electricity

Credit: Flickr / Jollof Mall

The Lagos State Governor took a leaf out of Mark Zuckerberg’s book and paid an impromptu visit to β€œYaba”, Lagos's technology hub, to informally chat to tech entrepreneurs in the area and further make the promise that he, or rather Lagos State, will ensure there is a stable supply of electricity for their businesses. Nigeria continues to experience long electricity blackouts each day despite having a state electricity supplier, leaving many households and businesses to generate their own electricity using diesel generators. It also remains to be seen how the Governor will fulfil this promise as it likely requires the commissioning of power stations and this can’t just happen overnight. Having said that, it is a good start.

South African National Space Agency Have Appointed A New CEO

South African National Space Agency Have Appointed A New CEO

Credit: Produced at SANSA Earth Observation. SPOT6: Copyright Β© 2013 Airbus DS

Dr Valanathan Munsami has been appointed to succeed Dr Sandile Malinga as the new CEO for the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) effective from 3 January 2017. Dr Malinga left the Agency in August 2016 following five years as inaugural CEO and Board member, Mr Potlaki Maine was appointed as interim CEO to manage the agency during the appointment process of a permanent CEO. Dr Munsami takes the helm following an impactful past in shaping South Africa's space science landscape. He has held a number of positions within the Department of Science and Technology, with the latest being the Chief Science and Technology Representative of the Department of Science and Technology, a position he has held since February 2016.


Zimbabwe's Minister Of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, issued a statement on Thursday, 12 January 2017 announcing the "immediate suspension of the tariff increases that were effected two days ago (09 January 2017)". Link

Details for our annual event, Annual Tech Round-Up 2017, have been finalized. Join us on 26 January 2017 at Mettā in Nairobi, Kenya. We will be in discussion with some of the continent's top technology and communications industry leaders and professionals on the insights and trends they have observed during 2016 and what we expect in 2017. Link

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