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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Newly Launched Facebook Journalism Project Aims To Collaborate With Journalists

Newly Launched Facebook Journalism Project Aims To Collaborate With Journalists

Credit: Facebook

Facebook have announced the launch of their ”Facebook Journalism Project” which will aim to collaborate with journalists and media organisations to “develop products, learning from journalists about ways we can be a better partner, and working with publishers and educators on how we can equip people with the knowledge they need to be informed readers in the digital age”. This launch comes after Facebook has been recently criticized for being part of and helping amplify fake news on the social network. The company has said that the project will focus on three key areas: collaborative development of news products, training and tools for journalists, and training and tools for everyone (else).

Econet Wireless Data Price Hikes Anger Customers In Zimbabwe

Econet Wireless Data Prie Hikes Anger Customers In Zimbabwe

Credit: Econet Group

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Portraz) recently issued a directive to all telecommunications companies notifying them that data floor prices need to be increased. Portraz advised that the floor price should be increased to $0.02 per MB but Zimbabwe’s largest mobile operator, Econet Wireless, has decided to charge an inflated $0.10 per megabyte. This resulted in Econet listing, for example, their 300 MB data bundle at $10! To put this into context, before the data floor price hike by Portraz, 250 MB by Econet cost $1. Given this steep increase, it is understandable that Twimbos (Zimbabweans on Twitter) have taken to Twitter to express their frustration, with some like Fudzai Mahere saying “US $100 is not enough to buy 4GB of data. Let that sink in. Why does the system fear social media so much? #ThisFlag”. (Pure coincidence, 2017 sees elections in Zimbabwe 🤔).

The Amazon Project Is A TV Series Where Nigerian Startups Will Compete For $32,000

The Amazon Project Is A TV Series Where Nigerian Startups Will Compete For US$32,000

Credit: The Amazon Project

Nigerian startups are invited to pitch their ideas and businesses to compete for ₦10 million ($32,000) on The Amazon Project, a 13-week television series that will select and invest in ten of Nigeria's brightest entrepreneurs and business ideas. The prize money will be in the form of seed capital and business incubation support for one year. “Doing business in Nigeria in a recession is a like wading through the famous Amazon rainforest where only the toughest and smartest survive. This project will reward entrepreneurs that can prove they have what it takes to make it in Nigeria by applying innovation and smart economics to meeting needs and solving complex business problems,” said Wole Faroun, The Amazon Project judge.

Nigeria's Efritin.com Is Shutting Down

Nigeria's Efritin.com Is Shutting Down

Credit: Efritin.com

There are various reports suggesting that Nigeria’s “virtual marketplace”, Efritin.com, is in the process of shutting down operations. Efritin came into the news when it raised millions of dollars during its early days as it looked to dominate the online classifieds market in Nigeria. Suggestions from various sources are that some senior staff members are that some ex-senior management, including Zakaria Hersi, were involved in fraud and mismanagement of funds at the Nigerian company which led to the inevitable shutdown. The mismanagement and fraud led to Efritin not being able to raise further investment funding to grow operations and scale. Furthermore, the company has been spending a lot of money to fend off no less than ten legal cases in Nigeria.


Mozambique’s Civil Aviation Authority has concluded that the damage seen on the nose cone of a Linhas Aereas de Moçambique (LAM) Boeing 737 that was previously rattributed to a drone strike most probably resulted from structural failure caused by air flow pressure. This was likely due to faulty installation of the plane's radome during routine maintenance in June 2016. Link

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