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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Seems Like Hard Times At Ringier's One Media Africa

Ringier's One Media Africa

Credit: One Africa Media

Ringier One Media Africa Digital Publishing have cancelled the acquisition of Ghafla Kenya following a three month trial, Both companies have come out saying that they have partwded ways amicably amid rumors circulating that Ringier is yet to pay Ghafla for the acquisition and Ghafla grew impatient, more rumors are that Ghafla is being accused by Ringier of false accounting with Ghafla also apparently disagreeing vehemently on strategy matters with Ringier advisers. According to a statement from Tim Kollmann –MD Ringier Africa Digital Publishing and Samuel Majani -Ghafla founder & CEO, ”The partnership between RADP and Ghafla to develop digital content further together had the potential for further integration – and it was accordingly well-prepared, both legally and structurally. However, there was always the potential, willingness and preparation to just execute a great partnership now and then take it forward independently as friends.”

Standard Bank Acquire The Company That Makes South Africa's SnapScan

Standard Bank Acquire The Company That Makes South Africa's SnapScan

Credit: SnapScan

Standard Bank South Africa have announced their acquisition of technology company Firepay. Firepay built and owns SnapScan - mobile payments system that uses QR codes. This acquisition can be seen as a way for Standard Bank to get in on the action as far as FinTech is concerned as SnapScan is not and will likely not be restricted to Standard Bank customers only. Furthermore, this is likely the next logical step after Standard Bank had partnered with SnapScan in 2014 to among others help the company grow its footprint. β€œOur team is looking forward to building out our payments platform to solve the real-world payments problems we have always focused on, and to provide customers with the best experience possible, We’re excited to work with Standard Bank in our mission to achieve this both in South Africa and across the continent. ” said Firepay CEO Kobus Ehlers


Nigeria's Federal Government To Launch An App

Nigeria's Federal Government To Launch An App

Credit: Federal Government Of Nigeria

Nigeria's Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, recently announced that the Federal Government of Nigeria would be launching an app called the Federal Government Information App (FGIAPP) that would feed news and updates about all activities of the government to its citizens. The app will be launched in Abuja on December 15, 2016. According to Mohammed, the new app will leverage on social media to deliver government policies, programmes and activities from ministries, departments and agencies to a global audience on a real-time basis. β€œWe as a government and as Information Ministry will leverage on the unique technology to inform the world about what we are doing.” said Lai Mohammed, Nigeria's Minister of Informationce).

Ghana's Peaceful And Digital Elections

Ghana's Peaceful And Digital Elections

Credit: Nana Akufo-Addo

With Ghana's 2016 elections having just concluded in a peaceful manner with the incumbent president conceding defwat (and not pulling a move like Gambia's Jammeh - i.e. conceding and later requesting re-run of elections) it is also important to note that the Electoral Commission of Ghana developed a mobile app that gave Ghanaians real-time access to officially certified results of December polls. In an 8-point statement issued following its meeting with presidential candidates on Thursday, 1 December, the election management body said: β€œIn addition to broadcasting the results collation process live on television, and publishing the results on the Commission’s website, the EC has developed a mobile application which will give the public real-time access to the officially certified results.” β€œThe mobile app (ThumbsApp) will soon be available on the android and IOS platforms for download.”

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