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Tuesday, 05 December 2016

Introducing Flutterwave's Moneywave


Credit: Flutterwave

Flutterwave, founded by Nigerian Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, today announced the launch of their new product, Moneywave. Moneywave is said to be a product that will allow individuals and small businesses to make and receive payments in whatever form they choose across Afrika. This means a business in Nigeria can make a Naira payment to a business in Kenya and in turn the Kenyan business can receive it in any form including their M-PESA account. This means businesses can continue to transact in their local currencies and need to be bothered on what amount will be deducyed from their accounts once the currency is converted. Moneywave is reported to be an API that can be integrated into various business platforms, allowing payment — bank transfer, card and cash — to be made and received in any format by the recipient.

5 Million Off-Grid Kenyan Households Set To Have Television Access Thanks To Azuri And Zuku Betting On A Solar-Powered TV

Azuri and Zuku

Credit: Azuri

Azuri, a United Kingdom based solar home systems firm, has partnered with Kenya’s Zuku, Wananchi Group’s home entertainment brand, to launch the world’s first complete pay-as-you-go satellite TV package targeting off-grid households in Kenya. The package combines Azuri’s solar home power kit, which comes with a 24-inch TV, with a satellite dish from Zuku, and a subscription to Zuku Smart+ entertainment, which comes with 48 TV and 21 radio channels. The 24-inch TV offers up to five hours of normal viewing on a single solar charge. In addition to the TV package, customers also get four home lights, a mobile phone charger, and a rechargeable portable radio. This definitely will enable more customers to have access t satellite TV but it remains to be seen if the price point will attract customers who are off-grid.

Highlights from South Africa's 12th Annual ICT Summit

Highlights from South Africa's 12th Annual ICT Summit

Credit: The ICT Summit

The 12th Annual ICT Summit, a conference that brought together over 400 ICT executives and featured 20 influential speakers, took place on 21-23 November in East London in the Eastern Cape, with Convergence Partners as the main sponsor. The conference attendees included CEOs, Managing Directors, CFO’s, CIO’s and Executives from leading information communications and Technology companies around the province and the country. The three-day conference was built around generating business development opportunities, bringing industry players together to discuss topical ICT issues, trends and innovative ideas. Issues discussed included how to develop South Africa's ICT field on a public and private sector scale, with discussions taking place between government and the private sector. Also on the agenda was the need to create a network of professionals to engage freely and strategically about new developments in the industry.

Visa Announces Partnership With Nest To Run Its First FinTech Innovation Bootcamp In Afrika

Visa Announces Partnership With Nest To Run Its First FinTech Innovation Bootcamp In Afrika

Credit: Nest Nairobi

Global payments giant Visa has partnered with Nest, the Hong Kong-based early-stage venture capital firm and innovation accelerator, to launch its inaugural Visa Bootcamp. The intensive 4-day FinTech-focused programme will take place at Mettā in Nairobi, and is designed to accelerate innovation and shape the future of finance for consumers and businesses across the African continent. The Visa Bootcamp will accelerate collaboration opportunities between Visa and early stage technology companies and financial institutions from across Africa for potential integration. Nest’s team of strategic advisors will join mentors from Visa to coach and share insights with the selected participants, who will also get an opportunity to work alongside leaders in the financial services industry. They will also get access to Visa's APIs, access the tools and resources to needed to scale their startup through Africa and beyond.

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