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Thursday, 03 November 2016

Multichoice East Africa European Football Broadcasting Monopoly

Multichoice East Africa European Football Broadcasting Monopoly

Credit: Multichoice East Africa

The English Premier League is quite popular in Kenya, so much so that it is rumored that Kenyans bet more on English football than the English do. Given its popularity, some of Naspers’ owned Multichoice East Africa competitors in the region have been complaining about Multichoice’s monopoly over broadcasting rights for the English Premier League and European football in general through their Supersport channels. These complaints seem to have led the Competition Authority of Kenya to investigate Multichoice East Africa in order to establish whether the pay TV company has an unfair monopoly over European football broadcasting rights in the region. Multichoice’s Supersport has rights to broadcast all of the 380 English Premier League matches across Sub-Saharan Africa with Econet Media’s Kwese Sports being awarded limited rights to broadcast some matches.

State Capture Report Reveals Suspicious Metadata

State Capture Report Reveals Suspicious Metadata

Credit: Public Protector of South Africa

On 31 August 2016, Brian Molefe who is CEO of South Africa’s embattled electricity supplier (Eskom) said that “I am captured by the (South African) constitution.” He said this when answering questions in a parliament session about the Gupta family’s influence with regards to Eskom contracts given that Eskom contracted a Gupta linked company in $50 million coal supply deal, alluding that he’s not captured by the Gupta’s but by South Africa’s constitution. But metadata from his mobile phone records suggests otherwise with him having called Ajay Gupta 44 times and metadata also revealed that he could be placed 19 times in the vicinity of the Gupta’s Saxonworld from 05 August 2015 to 17 November 2015. Furthermore, metadata revealed that Minister Des Van Rooyen could be placed at the same home a night before his infamous appointment as Minister of Finance despite him having previously denied this. Beware what metadata suggests.

Facebook Mobile DAUs Hit 1,09 Billion

Facebook Mobile DAUs Hit 1,09 Billion

Credit: Facebook

Facebook announced their third quarter financial results and there was notable growth across all key indicators but what caught our eye is that in September 2016 Facebook hit a key milestone of 1,09 billion daily active users (DAUs) on mobile phones! Why did this catch our attention? Well, rewind to 2012 when everyone including Mark Zuckerberg himself admitted that Facebook is struggling when it comes to mobile and it was proving hard for them. Four years later the company has turned this around and has most of its daily and monthly active users accessing the social media platform via its various mobile apps or its mobile site. Saying most Facebook users are accessing it via mobile is an understatement, DAUs for September 2016 overall were 1,18 billion versus 1,09 biliion for mobile. Epic!

Ushahidi Launches USA Elections Monitoring Initiative

Ushahidi Launches USA Elections Initiative

Credit: Ushahidi

Kenya’s crowd sourcing software company, Ushahidi, have lauched an initiative to monitor the 2016 USA Presidential elections. The initiative named “USA Election Monitor”, aims to monitor and track voting irregularities reported via the website, e-mail, Twitter and SMS. Any reported irregularities will be mapped and posted on an online interactive map. The company have said that although there have been no reported incidents of election violence so far, instances of voter suppression and voting issues on election day could arise. US citizens have been encouraged to raise their voices and help to report any issues on election day. There are already several other election monitoring initiatives in the USA but this is the first by an African tech company.

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