28 January 2017

Yarik Turianskyi and Steven Gruzd speak to Balungile Belz to explain how technological advances can help improve the state of governance in Afrika. Revolutionary technological advances over the past decade have provided new opportunities for establishing deeper links between citizens and state institutions. The question is can they help Afrikans on their quest for better governance?


  • Article on "Can technological advances improve governance in Africa?". Unless good governance is demanded by citizens, it will not be consistently supplied by authorities. For Africa, the nature of the relationship between governments and ordinary people, known as the social contract, has proven to be an enduring challenge in the post-independence period.

  • South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA): South Africa’s premier research institute on international issues. As an independent, non-government think tank, it has a long and proud history of providing thought leadership in Africa. Both a centre for research excellence and a home for stimulating public discussion.

  • Article by Kungela Mzuku on how "The Revolution Will Be Hashtagged".