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Black Lives Mattered Way Before Everyone Got Woke On Social Media

The article's cover image above, displays the activism that took place in 2015 in many cities across South Africa. It’s went under the hashtag #FeesMustFall and #NationalShutdown. Apparently, there was a price hike that prompted students to pay more for their education. This obviously didn’t sit too well

How I Learned To Love Snapchat

One morning, sitting hunched at the corner of my bed, I looked down at my phone. I clicked the download button to an app on the display. It was this app that everyone was talking about. The app which had previously gotten a reputation for sexting and sending ‘disappearing photos’

4 Likely Reasons Why You Keep Buying A New iPhone When You Don't Need To

We love our phones. No really, like we really love them, and probably for a good reason (or bad, depending on which side of the argument you fall). We spend most of our time today on smartphones swiping, tapping, liking, double tapping and responding to a long lost relative in

A Case For Virtual Reality As The Ultimate Cure For Boredom

Boredom has its fiends. Mostly anyone gets bored. Sometimes it’s having time to spare but not knowing what to do with it, or sometimes it’s just doing something that’s not enjoyable. Being bored, in a more descriptive way, sucks. This is not something that comes out of

The One Thing Most People Get Wrong About Building An Online Community

I asked a friend for an interview. I wanted to talk to him about his new YouTube channel, to showcase some of his works that he’d already made. What I’d do was take those words, add them alongside a featured video, then post a couple recommends in the

The Weird Relationship Between Zimbabwe And SnapChat

Social media apps catch on—sometimes, either we have a entirely utilitarian relationship with them or their learning curve is just too steep, kind of a love-hate relationship that bears its burden on us (cue Twitter). Snapchat is an app that I would love to use, and somehow share it

Apple Music From A Zimbabwean Radio Personality's Point Of View

Like most people who follow news on technology, I was waiting to hear what Apple’s entrant in the music streaming space would be like, what it does better than existing ones like Spotify, where its flaws lie, etc. Also, like many, now that it’s here there is no