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Young Tunisian Entrepreneur. Activist, Geek, Technologist #DataForChange Co-Founder of AllerVoid, Serenifyme, Tunisian Center Of Civic Engagement and one of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers.

Innovation Entrepreneurship As A Solution For Tunisia's Economy

Tunisia is losing a good number of its young and elite graduates from educational institutions that prefer careers in healthcare as doctors or engineers, and this is not benefiting the national economy. In fact, the high school system in Tunisia is not giving freedom of choice, it's a merit-based selection

How To Think Creatively And Extract Hidden Value From The Data Around You

Growing up, you dream of becoming an adventurer who unveils treasures like a bad ass pirate. Today, anyone can make that dream happen by digging and creating value from big data, you just have to stumble upon the right data. Start by considering what data you have access to and

How Data Mining Could've Prevented An ISIS Attack

ISIS extremist militants stormed the National Bardo museum in Tunisia's capital, Tunis, in April 2015. They killed twenty-one people, most of whom were tourists, and injured more than thirty others in the North African countryโ€™s worst militant assault in more than a decade. Who are Isis? The rise of