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CEO at Xperien.

Massive penalties for data breaches

South Africa's Information Regulator must, as a matter of urgency, enforce stricter security measures to prevent data breaches. Companies are in for a rough ride and the consequences for data breaches are severe.

Old hard drives and backup tapes pose an information security threat

Old hard drives and backup tapes are a major information security threat for any business, they store a massive amount of confidential data that can easily be compromised. Regardless whether the drives or tapes are outdated or inoperable, this data is always accessible and needs to be destroyed professionally. Stolen

There is no insurance for data breaches

Whilst many IT (Information Technology) security providers choose scare tactics to force companies to rip and replace their existing systems to safeguard company data, a number of small business insurers are offering cover to transfer the risk of any security breach. Both approaches are highly questionable. There is definitely no