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Dr. Vukosi Marivate is a Data Hoarder. Writes in his personal capacity on interesting things we can learn from data. Works for CSIR, ex-intern at Google Inc. PhD, CompSci, Rutgers University (USA)

Analysis of 2014 South African Elections Twitter Interactions

How political parties and their leaders engage with the public is always an election time fascination of the media and public in general, from photo opportunities to visiting the homes of citizens. So how can we use Twitter data to measure some of this engagement? We can track the number

South African Elections Social Media Hack

I was attending HackRU Spring 2014 and I decided to take the opportunity to sharpen my Python and data science skills. The dataset I chose to do some dives on was a Twitter archive of tweets about the upcoming 2014 South African elections. I setup a Python script using Twitter