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Dr. Vukosi Marivate is a Data Hoarder. Writes in his personal capacity on interesting things we can learn from data. Works for CSIR, ex-intern at Google Inc. PhD, CompSci, Rutgers University (USA)

Analysis of the #GuptaLeaks e-mail network

With the release of a slice of the #GuptaLeaks e-mail correspondence by parliament, there is now an opportunity to do some data mining. For this article we will focus on looking at the network of e-mails between individuals in the network. Where did the data come from? In this case,

So You Want To Join MMM? Read This First

What if I offered you a great opportunity to get over 30% return on investment, every month. Yes, you read that correctly 30% every month. That is about 2,240% interest per year. So if you gave me $100 at the start of the year, I should give you back

We Deserve Better Hackathons

For the last 12 months, in 2015 and 2016, I have attended a number of Hackathons (as a hacker, a mentor or a judge) around the Gauteng area (big shout out to Geekulcha and Wits DIZ) in South Africa. All the hackathons had eager young coders hoping to build something

Do Tokoloshes Drive South African Newspapers' Facebook Engagement?

What would you uncover if you decided to find out what the most liked, commented news articles in South Africa are? Let's find out. The Facebook Graph API provides a rich source of data about Facebook entities. When it comes to Facebook Pages, not only can you access posts by

Analysis Of A Reality TV Show's Human Network

We live in an interconnected world. As humans, we connect with others all the time. We have strong networks, family, friends and that clique at work. We also have weak connections to others. You know, Tshepo from HR (you nod at him every day but don’t really know him)

Why Do Ben 10s Divorce Sugar Mamas?

South Africa is one of the few countries on the continent that publishes marriage and divorce data. Even better, Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) makes available individual (couple) information about marriages and divorces. This allows us, not to just look at the aggregated statistics reported, but glean different insights given multiple

Open Data in South Africa and Beyond

Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of our lives we are creating data. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone is creating tons of data just by being alive. Unconsciously being a citizen of South Africa you are a data point that moves and evolves. Consuming electricity at some rate, using water