Victor Odundo Owuor

Victor Odundo Owuor

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Senior Research Associate, University of Colorado

Mobile-based lending is becoming a huge problem in Kenya

Taking a loan has never been easier thanks to the proliferation of mobile lending platforms. Efforts to make the system work better should consider whether digital credit screening models are strong enough and whether rules are needed to ensure first-time borrowers are not unfairly listed.

The growth of mobile money in Somalia comes with some risks

Mobile money transfers have become the norm in Somalia. Transactions total as much as $2,7bn a month.

The relationship between online betting and mobile moneyย transactions

The growth in mobile money services has created new opportunities for merchants to sell their products and services. One of these is the fast-growing sports betting sector which has taken a number of African countries by storm. Whatโ€™s further spurred the growth is rapid internet penetration. Consumers now have