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Becoming a cyborg is as simple as implanting chips in your hands

This researcher is a cyborg. Cyborgs are people with additional technological hardware connected to their bodies. The researcher is concerned that people may one day be implanted with chips without their consent.

What the TikTok deal means for user data and geopolitics

As TikTok already stores data in the USA or Singapore, the move to Oracle-provided infrastructure is unlikely to have any tangible impact on users. The (claimed) national security concerns will likely remain – if ByteDance retains a significant share in TikTok Global.

How false health-related advertisements mislead South Africans

In South Africa, regulations about labeling don’t allow advertisers to use pictures that are likely to create a false impression of the product. But advertisers still continue to make dubious claims.

Africa's scientific capacity and solutions need to be driven by locals

Africa bears a disproportionately high burden of globally significant diseases. But the continent has lagged in scientific knowledge production to address its health challenges.

Nigerian scientists are working to better understand coronavirus

Nigerian scientists have identified seven of over 1,000 coronavirus lineages in Nigeria. Each lineage represents sequences from different countries.

Social media is possibly leveling Kenya’s political field

In Kenya, social media platforms are a tool for communication and not an end in themselves. For more effective messages, even political candidates for lower offices may need to engage paid communication managers.

Technology is helping museums manage outdated exhibitions

There are plans to create augmented and virtual reality applications from digitised museum exhibition. Additionally, the digital models could be 3D printed to create scaled-down versions of the fossil models.