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Tech and fintech journalist based in Harare and covering the Southern Africa region.

Zimbabwe Watch - Data privacy concerns and Econet growth

Data privacy advocates in Zimbabwe have sounded the alarm over the countryโ€™s awarding of a contract to build a face recognition technology platform for the state to a private Chinese company. They have indicated that this may compromise facial data privacy and safety for millions of Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe is

Tadzoka Pswarayi, Founder of Impact Hub Harare, discusses Zimbabwe's tech startup ecosystem

Technology startups and innovators in Zimbabwe are fast clawing their way up the ladder and some are even already challenging for a market share in the countryโ€™s struggling economy which is crying out for solutions. Among organizations and other supporters backing and capacitating tech startups and innovators in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Watch โ€“ Elections and technology

Zimbabwe has embraced ICT innovations in its electoral processes. Authorities have deployed digital solutions for voters roll inspection after the country also introduced biometric voter registration for elections expected later in 2018. Opposition political parties in Zimbabwe have previously complained that the ruling Zanu PF party was manipulating the manual

Zimbabwe Watch - Keen interest in Artificial Intelligence

Zimbabwe is looking to capitalise on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that are emerging and will roll out projects and programmes aimed at improving healthcare, education, access to finance through FinTech and agriculture. This comes after the Southern Afrikan country's government entered into an agreement with a Chinese company, CloudWalk Technology,

Cryptocurrency ban in Zimbabwe not stopping Golix ICO

Zimbabwe may have taken a big leap backwards when the central bank banned banks from processing cryptocurrency transactions and payments although the countryโ€™s Golix exchange for cryptocurrencies is pressing ahead with its ICO despite the ban which has sparked widespread debate on social media. Bitcoin traders and investors in

Zimbabwe Watch - Content creators step up to Internet opportunities

Over The Top (OTT) services are increasingly becoming the new battlefront for Zimbabwe's telecommunications companies as the country starts issuing broadcasting licences for webcasting, Voice on Demand and content distribution at a time when startups in digital media are recording rising viewership numbers. These developments are expected to take competition

New blockchain based farming contracts set to boost Afrikan farmers

A private equity blockchain company is to offer the Food Asset Coin Eco-System (FACES), a smart futures contract platform that is aimed at lending a helping hand to Afrikan farmers and the unbanked on the continent through token offerings. FACES was jointly set up by farming support company FinComCo and