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Imported used cars are fuelling pollution across Africa

Vehicles imported from wealthy countries are adding to Africa’s air pollution woes, a global overview of the small vehicle export market has found.

Climate change could impact planned dams in East and Southern Afrika

Large dams planned for completion by 2030 in Eastern and Southern Africa could increase the risk of disrupting electricity supplies because they will be concentrated in areas with similar rainfall patterns and vulnerable to droughts, according to a study. Published in the journal Nature Energy on 8 December 2017, the

Electronic malaria diagnosis

People with malaria infection have a unique "breath-print" that could be used to develop a new breath test for diagnosing malaria, according to a research.The findings of the study that was conducted in Malawi, were presented at the 66th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical

Digital Divide Is Still Common In Afrika Despite Rapid Growth Of Information Technology

The digital divide β€”the gulf between those who have ready access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as computers and the internet and those who do not β€” does exist in Kenya and many parts of Africa. I got this key message during a media day in Kenya last week

New Early Warning Technology Solution To Help Afrikan Farmers Control Pests

Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa are to benefit from a new project that aims to develop an early warning system to help cut crop losses resulting from pests. The project will forecast pest outbreaks using cutting-edge space infrastructure, Earth observation data, and state of the art modeling techniques. The project called