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Government of Kenya Has No Business Making New Laws to Regulate Social Media

Every so often I come across something in the news that I just have to write a post about and not just tweet. I've written about internet and law several times before. Today my friend Muthiru on Twitter let me on to this article in the Nairobi News, saying that

This Central Bank Needs A More Efficient Communication Strategy For The Digital Age

So, I was one of the 55,000 depositors affected by the recent collapse of Chase Bank in Kenya; well it’s not really collapsed, it’s just under receivership because there are people in Kenya allowed to take unsecured loans of KES 7.8 billion – I wonder what it

Deciphering The Kenya Information and Communications Act Amendment Drafts

Some time towards the end of 2015 the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) released six documents that would amend the Kenya Information and Communications Act, for public comment. Public Consultations on Draft Kenya Information and Communications Regulations These documents were zero drafts, which means they are the first versions and

Solution To The #UberTaxiWars In Nairobi

The Kenya United Taxi organisation has given the government 7 days from Tuesday 2nd February 2016 to remove Uber from Nairobi or they will bring the city to a standstill. This comes days after reports began to surface that Uber cars were being attacked by regular taxi drivers in certain

#NetflixInKenya - Not As Bleak As Others Would Have Us Believe

The age of streaming is here. Last week Netflix announced that it had gone, mostly, global. Here in Kenya the internet, by which I mean Twitter, immediately went wild with people making jokes (Netflix and chill anyone?) and giving opinions on whether it'll work or not. iAfrikan itself published a

Tech Blogs In Kenya Suck! Here's The Data Analysis To Prove It

Tech blogs in Kenya have some shortcomings, in short, they suck! It's something I've said before on other platforms and fora. I knew it empirically but didn't have the hard data to back me up. I do now. Let's get into why I'm the right person to be writing about

What You Didn't Know About Kenya's National Music Policy

A lot of music artists in Kenya have been complaining about their inability to make money from their art. The reason they give for this, well the one that comes out loudest, piracy. Recently stakeholders from the music industry in Kenya released the final version of the music policy document