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Science & Development Journalist.

Discarded electronics are polluting Ghana’s food chain

High levels of dangerous chemicals from discarded electronics in Ghana identified.

App helps farmers in Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda

A smartphone app, GeoFarmer, has been pilot-tested in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda to help farmers with data collection and sharing.

Scientists in Ghana have designed beads to help with pneumonia diagnosis

Ghanaian scientists have designed beads to educate mothers to accurately monitor children’s respiratory rates and diagnose signs of pneumonia. Β  According to the WHO, in 2015 pneumonia accounted for the 16 per cent of the deaths of children younger than five years old, with Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia bearing

A Pilot Project To Boost Conservation Through Online Collaboration Is Helping To Save Senegal's Biodiversity

A six-month project in biodiversity conservation piloted in Senegal and three other countries β€” Brazil, Canada and Spain β€” is expected to help boost biodiversity conservation through exchanging experiences and best practices online. The Regions for Biodiversity Learning Platform (RBLP) project, is an initiative of the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable

Cameroon's Arthur Zang Wins Top African Prize for Engineering

A portable heart diagnostic invention has won its developer the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. The Cardio-Pad, developed by Marc Arthur Zang from Cameroon, is a device that helps medical professionals, especially those in rural communities, diagnose heart problems and send the results through mobile phones to heart surgeons for

Only 15 African Universities Ranked Among The Top 800 In The World

Only 15 universities in Africa have been ranked among the top 800 in the world. The results by the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings were published last month (21 April) and presented at THE 2nd Africa Universities Summit at the University of Ghana, Accra, a week later (27-29

This Project In Ghana Uses Drones To Monitor Coastal Erosion

Scientists using drones to assess a project for preventing coastal erosion in Ghana have identified a need for investing in monitoring to ensure such projects effectiveness and sustainability. Scientists from Germany and Ghana who are studying the US$90 million Keta Sea Defence project (KSDP) β€” completed in 2004 β€” in the