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Some say he is "Unique". Some say he is just like everyone else. All we know is, he is the Room Thinker.

You Want To Be A Millionaire But You're Lazy

β€œI want to be a millionaire".” β€œI want to be promoted to CEO.” β€œI want to run my own company.” β€œI want to retire by 40.” β€œI want to do my masters degree.” That’s you, right? Lofty dreams. Lofty ambitions. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ![Who Wants

Hacking M-Pesa - Transactions Data Mining

There is nothing wrong with data mining. Most serious companies hire a guy like me to crunch their data and give them new, non-obvious insights. They will get insights like: How to target your products Which to discontinue Which to invest in Whether an advertising campaign is working Usage patterns

Does Being Online Make Media Digital?

Let us consider a newspaper. Publishing a newspaper has certain constraints like the following; Size: Most newspapers are A4. This places some limits on content. Pages: Newspapers have a finite number of pages per issue, usually constrained by costs of production. This places another limit on content. Frequency: Newspapers are