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Director, Communications Africa Practice. International Criminal Law. Listed on 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa by Forbes. Fashion Retail.

How Social Media Is Used For Election Campaigns in Africa

Social media, governance and politics increasingly go hand in hand these days. In Nigeria, politicians are joining the online community in droves to communicate with their audiences. They are quick to tell you that though the online community does not necessarily vote, they are a key demographic who shape and

How Social Media Is Used To Amplify Both Conflict And Terror

06h03 AM 07h03 AM 08h03 AM Research suggests these times in the morning are the peaks for when we check our mobile devices and log on to social media for updates on what happened while we were sleeping. War, violence and terrorism are usually the first bits of news that

How The Internet Is Advancing A New Wave Of Thought Leaders In Africa

Leadership is replacing "Africa Rising" as the new meme for Africa. Fellowships, conferences, and think tanks are all geared at building a new generation of African leaders armed with smartphones and tablets. By simple definition, a leader directs or guides a group of people for a certain purpose.