Prof. Calestous Juma

Prof. Calestous Juma

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Harvard Kennedy School Professor. Focused on science, technology and innovation. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professor, MIT (2014-15).

Transitioning from extractive to learning economies

The current slump in world commodity prices is forcing Africa to rethink its traditional dependence on raw material exports. This is why the time for African nations to lay the foundations for transitioning from extractive to learning economies is now. The jolts are real. The International Monetary Fund has projected

Jobs, robots and future technological disruption

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and the rapid adoption of robots across diverse industries are stalking the fear of jobless growth. Responses to these developments have focused on what to do to ensure that robots donโ€™t steal jobs. Bill Gates, for example, has called for the taxing of robots

Somalilandโ€™s use of iris recognition technology in presidential elections

Africa has become a testing ground for technological leapfrogging. This is a process that involves skipping stages and moving rapidly to the frontiers of innovation. Technological leapfrogging in Africa has, so far, focused on economic transformation and the improvement of basic services. Drones are a good example: theyโ€™re used

Technology and the Reinvention of Education in Africa

One of the most highly touted developments of the last five years was the rise of the Massively Open Online Content (MOOCs). This ubiquitous source of educational material promised to revolutionize education, mostly in industrialized countries. Massively Open Online Content The lure of open educational content was irresistible. Americaโ€™s