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Information Security Professional.

Protection Of Personal Information Act and Your Business

A reality that all companies must face these days is that an information security breach is inevitable, it will happen sooner or later. This is irrespective of what you do as a company. This does not therefore result in us doing nothing about it. Infact, the new Protection of Personal

Information Security Fundamentals

Information security breaches seem to be prevalent lately in technology news being reported on the internet. Total protection from information security breaches is not possible because unethical hackers with enough resources, money, time and motivation can hack into almost any system. This being the reason why most countries are starting

How Serious are DDoS Attacks?

South Africa's National Cybersecurity Policy correctly states that cybercrimes and information security threats will continue to increase. It further states that these threats the potential to impact the country's national security and economy. Recently it has been reported that cybercrime costs South Africa in the region of R1 billion annually