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Just Credit The Source, Man!

Social Media (lead by Twitter) recently went ablaze following the release of a video of South Africa's globally renowned DJ Black Coffee slapping South African rapper AKA's manager. While the video went viral, its owner also dished out some virtual slaps in a different ring at two competitor media houses

This Is Why Net Neutrality In Afrika Is a Pipe Dream

My first internet experience was through a school library PC in the 90s. I only knew of at the time and I was told that I could search for whatever information I wanted, including underground Hip Hop artists who wouldn't otherwise be featured on our main source of

Playing Around With Microsoft's LifeCam Studio

Even though half a decade late, I played around with the Microsoft LifeCam Studio and the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900. The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 is a wireless keyboard and mouse goodie box. The following is a video, recorded using the LifeCam Studio, of myself unboxing the Wireless Desktop 900.

These Young People Are Bringing Affordable Internet To South African Townships

Ko'Kasi Hotspot describe themselves as a "next generation Wi-Fi and online solutions provider for businesses, venues and communities". They are a youth run startup that is looking to spread affordable internet access to townships in South Africa. I paid them a visit to learn more about them and

#WhatsNext Is Expanding To South Africa

After seven successful events in Nairobi, the #WhatsNext Series is expanding to Johannesburg in partnership with Standard Bank South Africa. Managing Partner (Africa) at Nest, Aaron Fu, and Co-Founder of iAfrikan, Tefo Mohapi, will be co-hosting and moderating a panel of some of Africa’s Financial Technology (FinTech) Thought Leaders.

One Of The Ideal High Quality Printers for SOHO

Following this year's #HPInstawalk, iAfrikan managed to get a unit, from the affordable HP DeskJet Ink Advantage range of printers, to play with for about a month. This specific model is the 3635 with multi-functions of print, copy and scan. This high quality photo and document producer is ideal for

Ease Of Use Spells Doom Only for Slackers

Your IT Administrator doesn’t like it when you “know too much”. Sometimes you figure out “how stuff works” in their network/system and outsmart them. A few times you hack yourself into a mess and Admin spends hours trying to figure out how to get you out of the