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Just Credit The Source, Man!

Social Media (lead by Twitter) recently went ablaze following the release of a video of South Africa's globally renowned DJ Black Coffee slapping South African rapper AKA's manager. While the video went viral, its owner also dished out some virtual slaps in a different ring at two competitor media houses

This Is Why Net Neutrality In Afrika Is a Pipe Dream

My first internet experience was through a school library PC in the 90s. I only knew of at the time and I was told that I could search for whatever information I wanted, including underground Hip Hop artists who wouldn't otherwise be featured on our main source of

Playing Around With Microsoft's LifeCam Studio

Even though half a decade late, I played around with the Microsoft LifeCam Studio and the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900. The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 is a wireless keyboard and mouse goodie box. The following is a video, recorded using the LifeCam Studio, of myself unboxing the Wireless Desktop 900.

These Young People Are Bringing Affordable Internet To South African Townships

Ko'Kasi Hotspot describe themselves as a "next generation Wi-Fi and online solutions provider for businesses, venues and communities". They are a youth run startup that is looking to spread affordable internet access to townships in South Africa. I paid them a visit to learn more about them and

#WhatsNext Is Expanding To South Africa

After seven successful events in Nairobi, the #WhatsNext Series is expanding to Johannesburg in partnership with Standard Bank South Africa. Managing Partner (Africa) at Nest, Aaron Fu, and Co-Founder of iAfrikan, Tefo Mohapi, will be co-hosting and moderating a panel of some of Africaโ€™s Financial Technology (FinTech) Thought Leaders.

One Of The Ideal High Quality Printers for SOHO

Following this year's #HPInstawalk, iAfrikan managed to get a unit, from the affordable HP DeskJet Ink Advantage range of printers, to play with for about a month. This specific model is the 3635 with multi-functions of print, copy and scan. This high quality photo and document producer is ideal for

Ease Of Use Spells Doom Only for Slackers

Your IT Administrator doesnโ€™t like it when you โ€œknow too muchโ€. Sometimes you figure out โ€œhow stuff worksโ€ in their network/system and outsmart them. A few times you hack yourself into a mess and Admin spends hours trying to figure out how to get you out of the