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Founder and Managing Director of Vibe Web Solutions Ltd. Web consultant to Lagos Eko Project, a Joint initiative of the World Bank and Lagos State Government.

Social media for startups

The general idea behind social media for startups is to enable direct contact and participation via conversations, discussions or chats - whatever you call it - with your customers, prospects, influencers and more. Engaging in social media can solidify relationships and establish a more direct connection with your brand. Few

How to write persuasive e-mails

It is natural for a person to "want to be heard", "make my opinion count" or "pass the message across". Words have come to be the way forward not just mere words but the ability to induce, entice, or cajole in a democratic setting;

6 ways to boost your landing page conversion rates

Many startups and businesses in Afrika neglect the importance of landing page conversion rates. A typical scenario is that a founder or entrepreneur will explain their mobile and web requirements to their designers and developers, and then they, in turn, give them exactly what they want without any consideration for

7 Content Marketing Channels You Can Use To Generate Leads For Your Startup

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing, relevant, valuable content to attract, engage and acquire a target audience. For you to succeed in content marketing, you need to give your audience high-quality and engaging content that will convince them to buy what you're selling. Content marketing is essential

5 Tips on How to Turn Your Website Traffic Into Sales Leads

Now that you have a website for your business, how do you turn traffic into sales? Perhaps you’ve developed a landing page and you’ve started running an advert campaign for the business. In this blog post I will discuss how to turn your website visitors into sales leads.

Facebook Engagement Strategies For Your Startup

It's not a good idea to have Facebook as your only social media marketing platform given the many changes done on the platform. Reach and engagement has reduced drastically and a lot of companies for these reasons are dropping Facebook altogether. Before you make a rash decision about dropping Facebook,

Why Is Keyword Research Important For Digital Businesses?

Imagine the greatest sales pitch of your life is about to happen in five minutes. Five minutes is all the time you have to get your act together. You find yourself in a football stadium surrounded by the "perfect" audience to whatever it is you are selling, but