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Partnering with fintech startups will help banks accelerate transformation

Many banks are partnering with fintech startups to help them digitalize, enabling them to expand their services and reach more customers at the same time.

Partnership for online financial literacy in South Africa

Worth is Discovery Bankโ€™s financial education partner after the bank partnered with South African startup, Cumulative, to offer online financial literacy courses. Discovery Bank clients with Vitality Money will be able to access Worth online courses at a discounted rate.

The first Innovation and Digital Centre in Mthatha, South Africa

In partnership with South Africaโ€™s Department of Communications and Digital Technologies and the Eastern Cape Provincial Government, Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Africa is looking to improve digital education in Mthatha with the launch of the first Innovation and Digital Centre.

#YouTubeBlack Voices Fund invites grant applications from artists

YouTube has announced that grant applications for the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund Class of 2022 will open on 21 June 2021. The fund is aimed at deepening investments in Black communities.

Ethiopia and the Internet Society sign new pact to advance the digital economy

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MINT) of Ethiopia and the Internet Society announced a new collaboration agreement today that will help advance the digital economy and drive economic transformation.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies achieves 100,000 km of fiber

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, formerly known as Liquid Telecommunications, has announced that it has achieved the 100,000 km fiber network rollout milestone. The companyโ€™s fiber infrastructure is reported to impact more than 100 million people across 643 towns and cities in Africa.

Khoikhoi and San communities are opposing the building of Amazon's Africa headquarters

Amazonโ€™s planned offices in Cape Town earmarked for their Africa headquarters face a challenge from Khoikhoi and San communities who are opposing the development of the business and residential complex.