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Safaricom and Vodacom have bought M-Pesa from Vodafone

Vodafone Group has concluded the sale of M-Pesa to Vodacom Group and Safaricom. Before the conclusion of this deal, Safaricom paid Vodafone in the UK royalties and license fees for using M-Pesa.

Privacy during a time of the COVID-19 pandemic

Governments should be accountable enough to collect and use only the data that they need and discard what they don’t. Data collected should further be stored in a decentralized system to prevent malicious actors from accessing it en masse.

A possible loss for freedom of speech in Kenya

The 26 sections of Kenya's Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act 2018 that were contested by the Bloggers Association of Kenya were declared constitutional by the country's High Court, likely dealing a big blow to freedom of expression in the East African country.

WordPress is now available in Swahili

Popular blogging platform, WordPress, is now available in Swahili. The translation of the software was commissioned by FiFi Finance and done by Kenyan WordPress expert, Jacksiro.

You can now legally stream some sports matches in Kenya

The video streaming business can be said to be a tough one to compete in considering the number of competitors and the content on offer. As such, offering sports live streaming could just be the main differentiator that helps Showmax race ahead of competitors.

Libra loses support as major companies pull out

Probably worrying for Libra is that these withdrawals mean that the Libra Association is now left without any major global payments companies as members, something that could prove to be a hurdle should Libra want to facilitate and process payments from them.

Egypt's police randomly searched people's mobile devices and 1,900 were arrested

Police randomly searched people's mobile devices and arrested some who were involved in protests against President Al Sisi. It is reported that about 1,900 Egyptians were arrested because of this for online dissent.