Mbugua Njihia

Mbugua Njihia

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Head of Business and Partnership at Sure Corporation a data and technology company transforming mass transit, insurance and advertising in Kenya.

The problem with the gig economy

The biggest challenge with gig work, which has a net negative effect on user experience, is that of creating, distilling, and entrenching culture that upholds service excellence.

Restructuring the troubled entertainment industry

The entertainment sector in Africa continues to face endemic issues particularly affecting creators, who arguably put in most of the work but perpetually seem to pick the short end of the stick.

The business of data

Is the collection of citizen data by a government towards a social score that underpins the nudging of its society towards desired actions agreeable or pointing to the nefarious? Is the use of personal preferences in the crafting of messages that resonate and drive purchase decisions good or bad?

The dark shadow of Fintech

Cash becomes a preferred option as compared to Fintech services when access to these Fintech services is costly or is suddenly not available at a time of need.

Technology-enabled marketplaces to invest in

The past decade has seen the adoption and emergence of the marketplace model with many startups replacing the middleman by rolling out platforms that bring transparency and added efficiency to the transaction cycle.

Building adaptive teams is more than just looking at potential employees qualifications

Businesses are coming alive to the fact that they need to look further into the innovation profiles of aspiring hires, to ensure they not only recruit for competence but for an overall fit that will drive forward momentum.

Master your narrative and be innovative when fundraising for your startup

Despite the brouhaha over the availability of funding for startup enterprises especially so in technology where the product is intangible, the truth is that traditional hurdles remain firmly in place.