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Co-founder Road conexion and coder at Free thinker who speaks Python, Java and C#.

4 Reasons Why You Should Refactor Your Code

In 2014 I got the opportunity to attend a talk on refactoring at ThoughtWorks Uganda geeknight by Martin Fowler. I think refactoring is a powerful concept yet very simple (Martin Fowler’s book on refactoring nails in chapter 1). I have met several developers who have brushed me off and

"Programming Is Not For Ladies" Say That Again!?!?

In the past I have run several coding programs for ladies in Uganda which I viewed as total failures since none of the ladies actually went to become full time programmers. It was really disheartening and I vowed not get involved again as it was time consuming and going nowhere.

14 + 1 Things That Startup Life Taught Me

This article was written while listening to Eddy Kenzo and Kendrick Lamar. 1. This Is Not A Rehearsal So, YOLO! Do stuff that makes you happy and fulfilled. The only moment you can control is now , not tomorrow or yesterday (stolen from a beer Ad in Uganda) 2. Don't Let

Uganda's E-commerce Opportunities

After I read The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon , I’ve become a little more fascinated (I already was) by the internet. My fascination has been about the internet's potential (especially with regards to Uganda and Africa as a whole) and how African ninjas are going