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Co-Founder BookParty. The idea woman. Likes food, tech, business and African development. Producer, iAfrikan Weekly, and The Academic Citizen.

Podcasts Can Drive Debate And Break Down Academia's Ivory Towers

Not all of South Africa’s student protests in the past 18 months have happened in the streets or on campuses. A generation of β€œdigital natives” has masterfully used hashtags – #feesmustfall; #Rhodesmustfall; #asinamali; #RUReferenceList – tweets and blogs alongside various forms of direct action like marches and protests. This has helped

Lessons Learned At Lean Jozi

I did something absolutely unfathomable: I learned to start a business in three days. It all started a few months ago, when a campaign to bring Lean Startup Machine to Johannesburg caught my eye. I have been curious for a while now about how to go about starting a business,