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Information Systems student at the University of Cape Town. Staff Writer at iAfrikan.

To Get Young People To Vote, South Africa's Electoral Commission Is Using Apps And Games

It's almost election season in South Africa, with municipal elections scheduled for the 3rd of August. I know what you're thinking - queues as far as the eye can see... The Electoral Commission of South Africa and Accenture Digital have figured out a way to make the experience a whole

You Can Now Access Banking Services, Learn About Dinosaurs, Get Health Information And More Using These Bots

Bots are basically software that can mimic conversation through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is what makes computer systems able to perform human-like functions, just like you and I. Sounds scary, doesn't it? It's a lot less ominous than you might think. Bots are designed to perform tedious

South Africa Needs To Teach And Train More ICT Professionals To Fill The Massive Skills Gap Hampering The Industry

Although South Africa leads the rest of the continent when it comes to adopting and promoting information technologies, there is a significant skills shortfall when it comes to the people who work in this sector. South Africa is falling behind its peers in Africa, notably Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt, who