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Information Systems student at the University of Cape Town. Staff Writer at iAfrikan.

A privacy-focused COVID-19 response

Many mass surveillance and tracking solutions models being deployed around the world are both an unparalleled invasion of privacy and a cyber-security risk.

To Drive Down The Cost Of Data, South Africa Needs Shared And Open Access Infrastructure To Get More People Online

South Africans pay some of the highest rates for data in Africa, even as the country has one of the continent's most competitive telecommunications sectors. Over the past few months, the #DataMustFall movement has seen consumers demanding for cheaper data, but it seems providers are slowly losing touch with their

Highlights from South Africa's 12th Annual ICT Summit

The 12th Annual ICT Summit, a conference that brought together over 400 ICT executives and featured 20 influential speakers, took place on 21-23 November in East London in the Eastern Cape, with Convergence Partners as the main sponsor. The conference attendees included CEOs, Managing Directors, CFO’s, CIO’s and

The Revolution Will Be Hashtagged

#PretoriaGirlsHigh and #LawsonBrownHighSchool have been making waves in South Africa this week thanks to protests over hair rules that were previously enforced in the schools. Many learners have expressed their frustrations and experiences on social media, and these stories have sparked a variety of reactions across the country, many of

Who Actually Owns The Internet?

Earlier this year, the United Nations declared internet access as a basic human right. Some could argue that the internet is a luxury, and that there are more essential things that need to be sorted out first before we start thinking about providing internet access to all. However, I think

These Are The Barriers E-Commerce Needs To Overcome Before It Can Really Take Off In Africa

E-commerce, the buying, selling and exchanging of goods and services online, is experiencing a boom in Africa. A number of players have emerged all over the continent, such as South Africa’s TakeALot, which sells approximately 9 million products and Rocket Internet's Jumia, which is currently operating in 13 countries.

3D Printing Is The Future Of Manufacturing, But Can It Work In Afrika?

Imagine a technology that creates any object you can imagine, be it a plastic wrench, a spoon, a shower head or even prosthetic limbs, all at your fingertips. Now imagine if you could do this at your home, making the things you need whenever you needed them instead of having