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Kovelin Naidoo

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Chief Cyber Security Officer at FNB South Africa.

6 Social media scams to lookout for in 2018

As social media continues to gain prominence amongst South African consumers, platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter have also become a platform where fraudsters attempt to catch unsuspecting consumers off guard. Although social media scams in South Africa are not yet prevalent, compared to our global counterparts; the reality

Beware of a new Internet banking scam

Consumers are urged to avoid falling victim to a new banking scam whereby fraudsters remotely take control of your computer over the Internet, and gains access to your Internet banking profile. Fraudsters are sending unsuspecting consumers fake emails notifying them that fraud has occurred on their respective bank accountsโ€™ or

9 ways to overcome digital banking fraud

As the 2017 festive season draws near, consumers are urged to familiarise themselves with tips on how they can protect themselves against digital banking fraud. Below are 9 ways to overcome digital banking fraud: Never save usernames, passwords or PINs on your cellphone or computer as it may allow others