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I am a trained finance professional, CPA and an entrepreneur, with an interest in technology, road running and a growing love for Thai Boxing.

We Cannot 'Entrepreneur' Our Way Out Of Our Problems

We are at a point in history where entrepreneurship is receiving more attention than ever before, especially in Africa. Previous generations focused on other things; our grandparents’ generation was into government jobs – a government job was the best thing one could ever land. Our parents were the professionals – the teachers,

Safaricom Is Launching An M-Pesa Card. Can We Just Call It A Bank?

Over a year ago, when Safaricom announced that it would be launching a card specifically for government offices, I did wonder what the difference between Safaricom and other banks really is. The company recently announced that it is piloting its debit card, designed as a Point-of-Sale (POS) payment card like