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Venture partner at Collaborative Fund, a seed venture capital fund for creative entrepreneurs who want to change the world. It has backed such startup companies as Kickstarter, Reddit, and Lyft.

Diverse Teams Outperform Homogeneous Teams

There are plenty of modern job descriptions, for forward-thinking companies, particularly in technical roles, that ask for specific qualifications: "must have demonstrated capacity in scripting languages, or Android front-end development experience, et cetera." Companies fill out teams based on functional skill sets that complement each other, to fit

Beware the Local Maxima

I enjoyed the fireside chat by Vinod Khosla and the Google founders over the weekend. One thought stuck out to me (and, it seems, to many others). It’s pretty difficult to solve big problems in four years. I think it’s probably pretty easy to do it in 20

Rise of Peer Networks in Innovation

Mitch Kapor legendary software pioneer and prolific Silicon Valley angel investor, recently described his belief in impact investing in very simple terms: There are orders of magnitude more startups being founded today than ever before. The opportunity to invest in businesses which make the world better and return capital is