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Founder of Abacus, a financial news, data and analytics businesses.

Shut Up and Take the Venture Capital

A common statistic that makes it into almost all conversations about entrepreneurship the world over is that 80 percent of start-ups do not make it past their third year. In December 2011, two years and four months after I left my job to go back into business, I was a

Airtime The Solution To Kenyan Apps Payment Issues?

One of the largest obstacles in making money off mobile apps or in app purchases has been the lack of an easy payment solution for both the user and developer. Credit cards have not taken off, and people generally wouldn’t trust a local apps company enough to link their

Business Lessons Learned

He are some lessons I learned as an Entrepreneur: Money Changes Things It changes time-frames, gives you a longer time to build momentumn and grow. It, unfortunately, may also make you lazy. Especially if there is no need to pay it back. Equity investments can do that; make you feel