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Data Science Consultant. Actuary, Msc Economics (candidate), future PhD student of Computer Science - Knowledge and Data Discovery "Entropy is what kills"

Sports and Probability: A Bayesian Analysis

In a previous post, I did an exploration on the use of probabilitic models to predict sport results. The motivation was simple: using 20 minutes of data from a handball match, try to predict the final result with the simplest model. To this end, I’ve used a binomial model.

Simple Probability Model for Predicting Sports Results

In a Machine Learning meetup a few years back, we were talking about applying probability to sports. The question was that football has a small amount of goals which makes it hard for prediction. On the other hand, sports like Handball or Basketball have a large amount of goals, letting

Using Game Theory To Map Trade Blocks in Africa And The Rest Of The World

I have previously reproduced the research made by Hidalgo et al. 2007, where they analysed international trade data in the Product Space. In that research, they found a relation between economic development and industrial diversification. With the dataset used we have for every country the destination of every exported product.